Lord. Roose Bolton

Lord of the North and Head of house Bolton.


Level 10 (Ecl 3)
Man-At-Arms (2), Noble (6), Commander (2)

Social Status – 4
Wealth – 5
Fame – +9 (N/A)
Title – Lord of the North, Head of House Bolton

Roose is patient with a cold cunning, possessing a skill for strategy and a calculating nature. His body is “soft hairless”. He is of average size and appearance, with his only noticeable feature being his eerie, pale eyes. His skin is pasty white, most likely due to the leechings.

A collared and chained Theon Greyjoy in his persona of Reek contemplated Roose Bolton:
“ His face was clean shaved, smooth skinned, ordinary, not handsome but not quite plain . Though Roose had been in battles, he bore no scars. Though well past forty, he was as yet unwrinkled, with scarce a line to tell of the passage of time. His lips were so thin that when he pressed them together they seem to vanish altogether.

There was an agelessness to about him, a stillness; on Roose Bolton’s face, rage and joy looked much the same. All he and Ramsay had in common were their eyes. His eyes are ice. Reek wondered if he ever cried. If so, do the tears feel cold upon his cheeks?

Once, a boy called Theon Greyjoy had enjoyed tweaking Bolton as they sat at council with Robb Stark, mocking his soft voice and making japes about leeches. He must have been mad. This is no man to jape with. You had only to look at Bolton to know that he had more cruelty in his pinky toe than all the Freys combined.


Lord Roose fought at the Battle of the Trident during Robert’s Rebellion. When Ser Barristan Selmy, seriously wounded, was brought before Robert Baratheon, Roose counseled that they should kill him. Robert ignored Roose and spared Ser Barristan’s life, sending his own maester to tend to his wounds.

Just before the War of the Five Kings, Roose’s trueborn son Domeric Bolton died of a “bad belly.” Having no other trueborn heirs, Roose then brought his bastard son Ramsay Snow to the Dreadfort and made him his unofficial heir.


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Lord. Roose Bolton

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