Hatchet Face (Unknown)

Hillsman and Sworn Sword to the Sparstarks


Level 8
Raider (5), Man-At-Arms (3)

Social Status – 1
Wealth – 1
Reputation – +6 (Hatchet Face)
Title – Sworn Sword

Abilities –
Str. – 14 (2)
Dex. – 14 (2)
Con. – 16 (3)
Int. – 10 (0)
Wis. – 12 (1)
Cha. – 12 (1)

Longsword, 11/5 (Attack Bonus)
1d8+4 (Damage), 19-20 x2 (Crit)

Chainmail, Medium (Type), 5 (Armor Rating)
+2 (Max Dex), -5 (Armor Check)

Small Steel Shield, 8 (Armor Rating)
+6 (AC. Bonus), -1 (Armor Check)

Marked 2 (Scared Face)
Nemesis 3 (Ramsey Bolton)


Hatchet Face was raised in the hill tribes. He became a mighty warrior and earned the title Alpha warrior.

Unknown to him he married a lady from a rival hill tribe.

One night he came home from hunting and went to see his wife, he was greeted with a hatchet to his face from her. Fueled with rage he pulled the hatched out and threw it to the ground. His rage subsided when he saw his wife crying in fear for what would happen to her. He let her go back to her tribe. He took the name Hatchet Face in remembrance that he can never let anyone in again.

He later joined up with the young Sparstark of Spearpoint. He was part of the champions that fought Ser. Jaime Lannister and his hired goons. He took out both of the hired goons as well as fighting Ser. Jaime Lannister to a standstill.

Hatchet Face has sworn his sword to the Sparstarks of Spearpoint.

He traveled with Lord Sparstark to take back Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy. After the great “Backstabbing” it is unknown what has happened to him and the Lord Sparstark.

Hatchet Face (Unknown)

Adventures of Spearpoint, Book 3 USMCBuss