Theon Greyjoy seized Winterfell and claimed it as his. The rest of the Greyjoy attack has been stopped or postponed by Spearpoint, leaving Theon out numbered and hopeless. Ser. Rodrik Cassel gathers as many men that he can so that he may be able to retake Winterfell and bring justice to Theon. Among the bannermen that Ser. Rodrik collected are Leobald Tallhart (Slain), Deven Tallhart, Dorvan Snow, Lord. Sparstark (Unknown), Hatchet Face (Unknown), Lord. Blackwing, Maester Jopher, Ser. Lucus Blacktyde (Slain), Ser. Balder Blacktyde, and Ser. Perryn, Yna a camp girl.

Ser. Rodrik meets a large Bolton force assembled outside Winterfell. Ser. Rodrik rides up to meet the Bolton commander only to end up being betrayed by Ramsay Snow. During the confusion of the slaughter Lord Sparstark and Hatchet Face are seen fleeing. Ser. Lucus Blacktyde and Lord Leobald Tallhart are killed. Only a very few have managed to make it out alive.

Adventures of Spearpoint, Book 3

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