Adventures of Spearpoint, Book 3

Escape! 3.1

Players -
Deven Tallhart
Dorvan Snow
Lord. Blackwing
Ser. Balder Blacktyde
Ser. Perryn
Maester Jopher

Good Guy NPC’s -
Ser. Rodrik Cassel (Slain)
Leobald Tallhart (Slain)
Ser. Lucus Blacktyde (Slain)
Lord. Sparstark (Unknown)
Hatchet Face (Unknown)

Bad Guy NPC’s -
Ramsay Snow
Kelane Bolton

Adventure -

Shortly after Ramsay Bolton double crossed Ser. Rodrick Cassel and murdered most of his forces. The players are fleeing to the Torrhen’s Square, home of the Tallhart’s.

The players stop to camp for the night in the Wolfswoods when they are come upon by Kelane Bolton and twelve of his men on horseback.

After a brief exchanging of words, Deven Tallhart ignites the fight with an order to his bastard brother to fire upon Kelane Bolton.

Kelane and eight of his men charge in to meet them in combat. Deven Tallhart, Lord. Blackwing, Ser. Balder Blacktyde and Ser. Perryn were met with two men each, while Kelane charged in and ran Dorvan Snow threw with his sword.

While the lords and the knights fought off the men Yna stabbed Kelanes horse while Dorvan shot it in the neck, making Kelane back away from the engagement.

After some fighting Lord. Blackwing has dropped to the ground as has Dorvan. Ser. Perryn is charging into men that have fallen off there horse. Ser. Balder has moved to defend Deven Tallhart. Yna has managed to slay three men that have fallen off there horses. Maester Jopher bids the Bolton men to surrender.

After some diplomacy Deven Tallhart, history of the Boltons treatury from Maester Jopher, and some intimidation from Ser. Balder the Bolton men surrender and Kelane flees.


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