Ser. Lucus Blacktyde (Slain)

Knight of Spearpoint and Sworn Sword to the Sparstarks.


Lucus was raised primarily by his mother. She spent years teaching him to be an intelligent and wise man, in the hopes that one day he would be a Maester. Lucus took to the forests and plains very well from an early age, learning to hunt and survive. Lucus became a calm and collected individual and very quiet. At the age of 16 he was sent off to his own. He was named the Ranger by the Hillsmen and the surrounding commoners.

Lucus never had a loving relationship with his father. He always saw him as a hideous fiend. However he did have a wonderful relationship with his mother.

With tensions still high after the Blacktyde rebellion Lucus and his brother were married off to the Last of the Blacktyde ladies, in hopes to fortify peace between the two factions that hated each other the most.

During Robert’s rebellion, Lucus and his brother joined with the rest of the Stark bannermen to fight in the South. During the battle at The Fork Lucus saved his brother from being killed by giant of a man. With that act of bravery Ser. Hummner knighted his Lucus and passed on Deep Sea to him.

Lucus was slain by Ramsey Bolton at the great “Backstabbing”.


Ser. Lucus Blacktyde (Slain)

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