Ser. Kraven "The Sea Monster" (Dead)

Knight of Speapoint and Master At Arms for Spearpoint.


Level 10 (Ecl 1)
Man-At-Arms (7), Knight (3)

Social Status – 2
Wealth – 2
Reputation – +8 (The Sea Monster)
Title – Ser.

Abilities –
Str. – 16 (3)
Dex. – 12 (1)
Con. – 14 (2)
Int. – 10 (0)
Wis. – 12 (1)
Cha. – 12 (1)

Deep Sea (M.W. Bastard Sword), 14/9 (Attack Bonus)
1d10+5 (Damage), 19-20 x2 (Crit)

Full Plate, Heavy (Type), 8 (Armor Rating)
+1 (Max Dex), -6 (Armor Check)

Small Steel Shield, 8 (Armor Rating)
+6 (AC. Bonus), -1 (Armor Check)

Marked 2 (Burned Face)


Born and raised at Kings Landing.

Joined the Golden Cloaks at age 15.

At the age of 26 he was apart of a team sent in to take out a Lord that had gone mad with grief for his dead wife. The man was killing people in the streets by pouring acid on there faces. During the fight to take the Lord down Kraven was burned by over half of his body with the acid.

For his bravery he was awarded a knighthood.

The first Lord of Spearpoint sent out word that he needed brave men to take back Spearport from the dreaded pirates that now inhabited it.

During his time there he managed to make allies with the Hillsmen, destroy an entire Pirate gang, bringing all the other pirates in as minor Lords that swear loyalty to the Lord of Spearpoint, and the reclaiming of an ancient Dragon egg.

He was incremental against the Blacktyde rebellion. Using the newly gained pirate lords he set of for a Naval battle against the Blacktydes and Blackfires.

Ser. Kraven died from old age at Spearport. His body was berried at Spearpoint.

Ser. Kraven "The Sea Monster" (Dead)

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