Ser. Hummner Blacktyde (Slain)

Knight of Spearpoint and Master At Arms for Spearpoint.


Hummner was raised at an early age to be a powerful man. Ser. Kraven spent years training him to be the strongest and most intimidating man that anyone would ever see. Hummner became a hard man that looked for blood at any time. Hummner was knight by his father at the age of 18 after Hummner single handedly defeated the Burnt Tribes clan Alpha Warrior. He was named the Serpent by the Hillsmen in respect for his father.

Even though Hummner was his fathers “prized child” he never did have a loving relationship with him.

Ser. Hummner looked to the Hillsmen with great respect. He even stopped wearing the armor of his father in the hopes that he would look more like a Hillsmen.

With tensions still high after the Blacktyde rebellion Hummner and his brother were married off to the Last of the Blacktyde ladies, in hopes to fortify peace between the two factions that hated each other the most.

During Robert’s rebellion, Hummner and his brother joined with the rest of the Stark bannermen to fight in the South. During the battle at The Fork Ser. Hummner’s brother saved him from being killed by giant of a man. With that act of bravery Ser. Hummner knighted his brother and passed on Deep Sea to him.

Ser. Hummner was slain by Ser. Arthur Dayne.


Ser. Hummner Blacktyde (Slain)

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