Ser. Balder Blacktyde

Knight of Spearpoint and Sworn Sword to the Sparstarks.


Level 4 (Ecl 1)
Man-At-Arms (4)

Social Status – 2
Wealth – 2
Reputation – +2 (The Scaled Knight), +1 (The Handsome)
Title – Ser.

Abilities –
Str. – 14 (2)
Dex. – 14 (
Con. – 16 (3)
Int. – 10 (
Wis. – 11 (0)
Cha. – 12 (

Deep Sea (M.W. Bastard Sword), 8 (Attack Bonus)
4 (Damage), 19-20 x2 (Crit)

Chainmail, Medium (Type), 5 (Armor Rating)
+2 (Max Dex), -5 (Armor Check)

Small Wooden Shield, 6 (Armor Rating)
+6 (AC. Bonus), -1 (Armor Check)

Marked 1 (Scaled Hand)
Nemesis 2 (The Iron Knight)
Nemesis 3 (Ramsey Bolton)


During a tourney Balder met a young Will and became good friends. After a particularly hard beating against an actual knight, Will was red with rage and set off to find a fight. Will found a whore named Wendlin in the streets. He gave in to his anger and lust and raped her in the street. During the scuffle he managed to break her neck. Balder found out about this crime after visiting a local whore house in search of Will.

When Balder found out about the crime he tried to bring Will in for his crimes. Ser. Kofman demanded a trial by combat. The nobles denied the trial by combat due to the overbearing evidence.

In Ser. Kofman’s and Will’s rage they attacked the Blacktyde’s. During the fight Ser. Kofman was mortally wounded by Ser. Baelor Blacktyde. Balder fought valiantly but in the end Will’s fury was to strong for Balder to withstand. Ser. Baelor dove in to defend his younger brother and was mortally wounded by Will’s mighty blow.

Ser. Baelor’s final words were used to knight Balder. Balder swore vengeance on Will for his brother’s death.

Ser. Kofman was found dead two weeks after the battle.


Ser. Balder Blacktyde

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