Ser. Baelor Blacktyde (Slain)

Knight of Spearpoint and Sworn Sword to the Sparstarks.


Raised at an early age to be a knight he shrived to be a valiant and just man. He looked to his fathers wisdom for guidance. His mother supported his dream in being a valiant young knight by having him trained in the arts of war by the Maester of Spearpoint.

Baelor was knighted at the age of 18 by his father Ser. Lucus. He was handed Deep Sea as a symbol of his accomplishment to becoming a knight and to remind him that he should always strive to be the better man.

The common folk called him Ser. Baelor the Just.

Ser. Baelor was slain by the Iron knight while trying to save his younger brother. He used his last words to knight his brother and passed on Deep Sea to him in the hopes that he will be the better man.


Ser. Baelor Blacktyde (Slain)

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