Leobald Tallhart (Slain)


Leobald Tallhart is the younger brother of Ser Helman Tallhart and castellan of Torrhen’s Square. He has pale blue eyes.


Leobald came to Winterfell to take part in the harvest feast. There he related the story of his nephew, Benfred Tallhart and his Wild Hares and offered his suggestions on the issue of the Hornwood problem. He sends Benfred to deal with the ironborn problem along the Stony Shore. When Dagmer Cleftjaw besieged Torrhen’s Square, Leobald was within the castle. After Ser Rodrik Cassel lifted the siege, Leobald added his forces to his in preparation for the eventual re-capture of Winterfell. He was killed by Bolton men when they surprised the Northern force.


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Leobald Tallhart (Slain)

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