Adventures of Spearpoint, Book 3

Home 3.2

Players -
Lord. Blackwing
Maester Jopher
Ser. Balder Blacktyde
Ser. Perryn

Good Guy NPC’s -
Ser. Helman Tallhart
Deven Tallhart
Dorvan Snow
Lord. Sparstark (New)
Bradly Storm
Leobald Tallhart (Slain)
Ser. Lucus Blacktyde (Slain)
Lord. Sparstark (Unknown)
Hatchet Face (Unknown)

Bad Guy NPC’s -

Adventure -

After reaching Torrhen’s Square the the men that fought for Kelane Bolton are take n to b taken care of. The ones that can still fight are forced to swear fealty to the Tallharts. The group sends ravens to the other houses to let them know of the double cross that took place by the Boltons. After a brief stay for the night the group parts ways. Deven Tallhart and Dorvan Snow stay at Torrhen’s Square to decide on what there next plan to take is as well as morn the loss of the Tallhart men that died as well as Leobald Tallhart.

The other players go south by useing the lake and rivers that run into Spearport.

Lord. Blacktyde and Measter Jopher go into Spearport to discus the matters of the house and Spearport.

Ser. Balder Blacktyde, Ser. Perryn, and Yna travel to Spearpoint to be met by the new Lord of Spearpoint.

The groups meets with the new Lord of Spearpoint and Bradly Storm, a close friend to the new lord and delivers the terrible news that the Boltons have double crossed the Starks and that they have taken Winterfell. They discus that no one saw what happened to the Former Lord of Spearpoint and his men but that Hatchet Face was not seen defeated in the battle before they had fled. Bradly Storm comments that if Hatchet Face is alive then there is a good chance that the lord is as well. Durring the conversation Ser. Balder Blacktyde tells the lord of the heroic acts that Yna performed in the battle and the skirmish against Kelane Bolton and his men. Yna is commended on her acts of bravery by the lord.

The new Lord of Spearpoint orders Ser. Perryn to gather anyone that can hold a weapon and to start training them. He orders Ser. Balder Blacktyde to gather forces from the Hillsmen since he has some relations up there. He asks Lord. Blacktyde for his continuing support and the lord gives it. He asks Maester Jopher to stay at Spaerpoint so that he can send messages quickly.

After the meeting Ser. Balder Blacktyde and Ser. Perryn talk to there men about what has happened at the battle. Ser. Blader Blacktyde swears revenge of the Boltons for the death of his father Ser. Lucus Blacktyde.

After a nights rest Ser. Perryn begins to gather people to begin training them while Ser. Balder Blacktyde and Yna begin to travel north to the Hillsmen to ask for support.




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